ELLINKA | 17 Weeks (born at 26 weeks!)

I’m so happy to be back capturing tiny lives and the huge impact they have in the world around them!  I had taken a few weeks off in January for a family holiday and then returned to a cold that had me off for another few weeks.  Just the nature of working with babies, we take no chances in passing on anything to them!

Thankfully, little Ellinka (Elli) was happy to wait for me to get better.  She spent the first 100 days of her little life in the NICU as she decided to arrive into the world a little early at only 26 weeks.  She and her family came into the studio last week to capture her official release out of the hospital and finally home with her family.  This little lady was a dream to photograph and work with.   Such a calm disposition, but this is also true of her loving big brother.    I’m so grateful to be able to share these moments with families, capture their love, capture the new bonds that are forming so quickly.  I’m exited to see what 2020 will bring and how many new lives I will get to meet.

Thank you to all those who trust in me to capture your families!