Chris + Candice = The McWilliams

I met Chris and Candice about 5 months ago when they contacted me to photograph their wedding.    They were very relaxed and excited about their day. 

Candice had a very clear vision of where she wanted her photos taken, just wasn’t sure how to do it.  All she said was she would like an old barn, the kind with unstained, unpainted, really old, weathered wood siding.   So I was off on a mission.  I spent the next few months driving my husband crazy as I looked at every farm we drove past picturing if it would be what we wanted.  I finally found one I thought would be perfect – so I walked up to the house and introduced myself.  I felt kind of strange just asking someone if they would let me use their barn and property for a wedding shoot – but he seemed really open to it.  So it was booked and I was relieved. 

It’s now one week before the wedding.  I thought I should just check in with the farm to make sure all is still a go… good thing I did as it wasn’t!!!  They said they would be out of town and no longer felt comfortable with us being there.  I totally understood, but I had spent months searching for this farm and now only had a few days to find a new one!  Luckily I did… and it was perfect…no harm no faul right!

I wouldn’t normally focus on what didnt go to plan, but it impressed me so much how these two stayed calm through anything… it was so much more important just to say ‘I DO’ then to have the perfect day… just one of the things I thought was amazing about them!

So here is a little list of unexpected for their day:

1.  Venue calls and changes basically everything they had planned based on a larger wedding that booked after them!!!… forcing to reprint invites and notify all their guests.

2. A few short weeks after meeting with me, they were surprised to learn they were expecting a baby!!!  CONGRATS GUYS!  Of course this is great news, but does change a few things about what they had planned.  The dress no longer fit and it was only a week or so before the wedding that she found a new one 🙂

3. Photo shoot location backs out – a little stress, but I figure that one out

4.  On the big day:  It’s now raining and the outdoor dinner needs to be under a tent.  Ceremony is at 5:15 and the bride gets a call at 4:30 that the tent is still not up, guests are told to wait out in the rain on the grass, which is now turning to mud.

5. We arrive at the venue!!! Totally excited, who cares if it’s raining… oh wait, we forgot the groom’s ring at house!!!  We have to ask the father of the groom to borrow HIS wedding ring so that they can actually perform the ceremony! We were able to get his ring brought to the venue (thanks to his Dad!) before the end of the night!

6. The ceremony was beautiful, a little misty out, but who was really paying attention.  We spend a little time deciding who was coming for the photos and head out to the parking lot.  Now remember I’m the only one who really knows where we are going.  I ask everyone to follow me, but give the Groom a description of where it is.  Feeling he had a good idea where to meet, two vehicles leave before me.  I get to the location… no bride or groom to be seen!  After a very anxious 30 mins I find them back at the venue (lucky it was really close by!). 

I can just picture anyone else in this situation totally freaking out… I can see tears even on some… but these two just keep going with the flow.  We get everyone out of the cars quickly and organize the fastest shoot I think I’ve ever done!  Without feeling rushed everyone still was laughing, smiling and really enjoying the cool summer evening it was.  The grass was soaking wet, but nothing was going to stop us now!!!

I am so happy for these two and know that the little one that they will be welcoming in a few months is coming into a very loving home.   Having shot these in such a short time, I’m so happy with how all of them turned out.  For the full session you can view the images here

Congrats to Mr & Mrs. McWillams, may you have a life full of love and happiness together!

I can honestly say I dont think I’ve ever met a happier ‘Father of the Bride’.  He was grinning from ear to ear the entire day!

Towards the end of our night, we found a quiet spot to take a moment and soak in all that has taken place.  We had to get at least one photo with the little belly!  I left these two sitting there enjoying eachother’s company as I walked away.  I can only imagine the words they exchanged between eachother as sat in that moment all to themselves.