Celebrating Family | 72 years in the making

In the end, what counts is the love that surrounds us and the memories created over the time we have here in this life.  It was very clear to me that this family understood just that.

This story started over 72 years ago!  These two getting married, not having any idea where life would lead.  I can only imaging all that they have seen and experienced together.   They grew their family to include 6 children and from there… well it’s grown.

A few months ago I was contacted by one of the family members.  There was going to be a wedding soon (and still many more to come for this family!).  This meant everyone would be coming together again and sharing in the new memories being made.  It meant that the two who started it all so very long ago, would get to see another grand child get married, visit with their great grand children and family they don’t always see.  You see, this family is divided between continents.  Many of them flew over from England, including the adorable couple who were the focus of our session.

Yes there were just over 50 people to capture and yes I knew it was going to be a wildly crazy attempt at corralling children and keeping everyone happy… missed nap times and perhaps a few adults that could have used a nap too 😉 but it was going to be worth it.    This family has a VERY busy week with wedding events and yet they made the time to meet me for a few hours at the park.  It was so important to all of them to have photos done all together, but also knowing this may be one of the last times these two matriarchs will fly the pond to Canada.

I’m so honoured to be invited into families like this.  These sessions are some of my favourite.  They embody all that is important in life, they celebrate love and also all the chaos that family brings.

I hope you enjoy a little window into our session and consider doing the same with your own family!

As I set up for the session to start, I watched as he helped her look her best, such a gentleman

There are four generations here!

This is it, this was all of them!

All the great grand children together as fast as we could pull this one off before they escaped

there’s got to be a little fun in there too