Burgundy | 13 days | South Surrey Newborn Photographer

This lucky little girl is going to be ‘princess’ of the pet shot!  I know when I was a child I would just LOVE going to the pet store and looking at all the animals, touching them if I could and could spend all day in there!  This won’t have to be a dream for Burgundy, her parents own a Petland!  I’m so jealous 🙂 We just had to take at least one image with Dad’s cool ring!

I love when families come in for the baby only package and by the end I get them up for a ‘few’ photos of them… just ‘incase’ you really like them… you should.  These are sometimes my favourite family photos.  They are not overly thought out, typically more casual as they were not really prepared for it and are relaxed as there’s no obligation to choose them.  I think all families should have images of them holding their precious little bundles.  Snuggling those first few days and the bonds that are being created.  So important!  So I’m happy to say that we got a few with these guys too!