Baby Jacob | 6 days | Richmond Newborn Photographers

Working in this artistic industry has always been such a gift to my soul.  The creative minds that often come together and help each other out always makes you feel a part of a community.  A while back I needed some help to learn more about videography and was able to spend the day with Desy of RF Weddings.  So it seemed only fitting that as they were waiting to meet their first born, that I offer to help with their newborn photos.

We had a really great time in the studio, two cameras going as of course little Jacob’s Daddy wanted to get a few of his boy as well.   Jacob at only 6 days was the perfect little model for us and was happy to sleep through the entire session.

I’ve included a few photos that Desy captured of me working as well as I don’t often see that perspective 🙂  It also gives you a little glimpse at the studio and set up for the day.

Welcome to the world Jacob!!  I trust this will not be your last photo shoot 🙂