Babies, siblings, cousins… can we do it???

Wow… what a busy week!

This will be my last official post before my own baby comes!!! I’m so excited!

On Sunday I had the pleasure of having the Stacey Family come over with all their little kiddlets!  There was Oliver who was 8 days old, then his cousin Louis who was 10 days old with his brother Harrison who is 2.  We also had two more adorable little sisters, Charley and Maggie who were sooooo in love with their new cousins!

I have to say it wasn’t an easy shot to get, but the ones that we did I think turned out fantastic for 5 kids under 5!!!  The girls were so adorable to watch with the babies.  All they wanted to do was hold them and take them away from us.  They will be such big helpers as these little ones grow!

I can picture all the family dinners and special occasions with all these kids growing up so close in age!  How much fun is that!

Enjoy a few of the different shots we captured of everyone!