Ashton | 8 Weeks | Langley Newborn Photographer

This one is going to be a big post 🙂  I think mostly because I’m super proud to have been able to capture these images for this awesome family… with Ashton already 8 weeks old!

When I am contacted about photographing someone’s newborn, I always suggest the ideal time is around 5-10 days of age.  Of course there are many different reasons why that might not be achievable!  Some babies come early and require a stay in the hospital, some mommies end up needing extra care after baby is born, and some babies (like my first!!!) are really colicy from the very start.    There is also the simple fact that bringing a baby home is extremely overwhelming and so much to take in.  Sometimes it’s just too much to get out of the house and organize for a photoshoot.

What I really want to convey in this post is that it is NEVER too late to photograph your baby or family.  Clearly as they grow and get a little older things change and some of the positions we try when they are only 5-10 days old may no longer work…BUT what I guarantee you is photos of your baby.  You’ll never be able to go back 5,10 or 20 years from how and say you want to do them, wish you had photos of your little one.  So if you’ve felt like you’ve ‘missed’ the newborn age then simply book in for photos… I will do my very best to capture them how you envision.  If it’s a sleepy picture you want, we will try to book the session around a nap and of course use a few tricks I’ve got up my sleeve 🙂

What I loved about this session was that we were able to just play with little Ashton on his schedule.  We did some family photos first while he was bright eyed – and was able to capture him laughing and talking.  These are things you can’t get most of the time with a 5-10 day old baby!  I loved that he was cooing with his Daddy!  Then he was ready to drift off… so with a little patience – off he went.

I will admit that he was super awesome at letting me transfer him from different positions without waking too much – it was awesome for me…not all babies are like that.

I hope this post gives hope for those out there with a 1-3 month old baby who didn’t get pictures done… you still can 🙂

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8 week old baby photos
8 week old baby photos
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8 week old baby photos, so happy to be in daddy's arms, in daddy's arms,
8 weeks old and posed
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Pat Sha-Mac What a beautiful family…. Ashton is just precious, such a blessing he is.January 29, 2014 – 6:05 pm

Teresa Achong Beautiful! Lovely memories for you all… January 29, 2014 – 2:17 pm

Janine Niemel So sweet! Abrazo!January 29, 2014 – 7:52 am

Helen Robles Love,love,love the pics. Ashton is carrying on the goods looks of the 2 families. Hugs & kisses January 29, 2014 – 12:55 am