Adele + Garrett | Vancouver Twin Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to meet these two little ones!

When I met their mom and dad a few weeks back for maternity photos, I learned at how hard this pregnancy has been.  It is truly amazing what the human body can do – and how it can preservere!  These babies were literally sucking the life out of their mom.  She was on bed rest for most of the pregnancy and lost an incredible amount of weight.  They wanted to give the babies the best chance so she stayed at home as long as possible, resting and waiting.  At 35 weeks it was time, the babies arrived.  They were both doing great and mom was able to start recovering as well.

Little Garrett was the biggest at 4lbs 10oz and his little sister not far behind at 3lbs 9oz!  Teeeeeny tiny little people 🙂  At one point when I had Adele we left Garrett in the basket… judging by the image of him sucking his thumb… I think he was happy 🙂

They arrived in the studio at around 4 weeks and although they were not both totally into the photo session at the same time – we still got some great shots 🙂

Welcome to the world you two!!