Aarza | 9 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Precious baby Aaraz.  I just love your name!  She is the first grandchild born into the family and I have no doubt will be showered with love and attention from everyone!  This little girl has an amazing set of lashes and head of hair. She is going to be the envy of many as she grows up!!

The past few sessions in the studio have been all about baby.  It has been fun to spend my time getting to know each little personality, what makes them happy… what doesn’t.   Sometimes a plan that we create for the session doesn’t follow through the same way we had hoped, but the outcome is always the way it should be.  Babies dictate the sessions.  If there is something they really do not want to do, we don’t do it and adjust.  In this session, Aaraz made it clear she wasn’t a fan of the moon prop… but Mom was.  So I was able to make it work with another image she was captured in and happy.  Best of both worlds 🙂