A Quiet Winter’s Ride | Equestrian Videographer/photographer

On a cool and misty winter’s day, I followed this couple to capture their shared love and passion for their horses and for each other.

It wasn’t a bright, warm and sunny day – but it was perfect.

I am so very excited to spend more time capturing images and video’s like these as I know they mean the world to the owners of these majestic animals.

Theses sessions can be captured in your back yard, at the barn or at any location that you’d like to ship out to. The next spot I’d love to go to is the beach!!! So if you are interested in booking something like this for yourself or a group of friends together – contact me today to receive 50% the regular session fee if you’re willing to ship to the beach! The session must be held before May 2015 (when horse access to the beach is over).

These sessions have options for just photos, just video or a combination of both!!

I hope you enjoy this quiet ride at the park.


from JLS Photography on Vimeo