Congratulations to all the competitors of this year’s BC Summer Games!

Sunday, July 25th was the final day of competition.  Everyone was in great spirits and excited at how well the event went.  What I loved about this show was that it wasn’t a week or two long, so the horses and riders were still full of energy!

I really had a great time capturing as much as I could over the past 3 days.  I have to say that I wish I could have split myself into a few so that I could be at every ring.  I’m truly sorry if I missed you because I was at a different ring at the time, hoping that at least once over the 3 days I got a few pictures of each rider.

I thought I would also post how the BC Games site works.  Each day I was asked to submit a total of 25 action images of riders in their classes… then medal and team photos.  You can access those images from:  http://2010bcsummergames.org/Home/Photos/Equestrian.aspx 

From that site you are able to dowload the pictures you see directly from them.  Please do so if you see something you want from there.

The difference with my site is that I did not want to delete any of the images that they may not have posted.  So I’ve put them up here.  If there are a few that you’d like me to email you, just note the day and image number (below the images on the link provided) and I can do that.  If you would like more then just a few images, I would need to burn a disk for you – please email me at jen@jlsphotography.ca to coordinate that.

Here are all the links you may be interested in looking at:

Day 1:    www.jlsphotography.ca/bcgamesday1

Day 2:    www.jlsphotography.ca/bcgamesday2

Day 3:    www.jlsphotography.ca/bcgamesday3   (NEW IMAGES)

Medals:  www.jlsphotography.ca/bcgamesmedals  (NEW IMAGES)

Teams:    www.jlsphotography.ca/bcgamesteams   (NEW IMAGES)

Please let me know if you have any questions!  For those of you on Facebook…you can ‘LIKE’ this post at the bottom of the photos so that other friends can find the pictures as well.   You can also follow my Facebook page by clicking the link at the top of the blog here and joining my Facebook Group.

Thanks everyone!