It’s back!!!

Although things are feeling all different than they did a year ago – we still want to capture beautiful school images of our children!  Thankfully the style of images captured during the event makes it really easy to clean the studio between clients.  The only thing the use are the stools and the chairs, easy for a quick wipe down.  I won’t be using any of the fur rugs this year though.  I will also be asking families to wait in their vehicle (or not he sidewalk) and I will communicate when the studio is ready for them instead of having families wait near the studio door.

For families who came last year and are telling friends about it this year… there will be an added bonus for you for any family that books because of your referral :). So have your friends mention you when they book!

Currently I am only opening up a few dates, but if they sell out or if you have a specific need just let me know and I will add more date/times.  I’m also wondering about parents who might be doing blended learning or home schooling?  Would you rather come during school hours?  Just send me a message and we will sort everyone out!

I hope to get lots of kids as we did last year, it was so great to meet everyone and find their personalities.  With COVID being so strange for the kid’s at school, I hope this will also help with any anxiety that some kids might have in a bigger public setting.

For backdrops, last year most of you wanted the natural barn wood, but know I also have a beautiful navy and grey available to accommodate groups as well.

If you’d like to check out last year’s photos, click on this link to Facebook: FACEBOOK GROUP GALLERY

To book your time click here:  CHILD PORTRAIT EVENT CALENDAR

This year I will be taking a deposit for sessions of $35/child or sibling set.  There was some confusion last year with siblings.  If you have three children, on the day of the session your minimum deposit would be $105, if you’d like to include a sibling pose it would be $140.

Hope to see you soon!


GAVIN | 10 DAYS | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Gavin, I am so thankful that you were my send off session.  At 10 days old he came into the studio with his adorable family ready for his very first photo shoot.  He was a dream to work with, happy and content through the entire session, willing to let us try anything we asked of him.  What I  didn’t know was that it was going to be my last in the studio – for an undefined time.  It took me a lot longer than usual to edit this session, my mind just couldn’t focus 🙁

This is such a ‘strange’ time for everyone.  That heavy feeling many of us are feeling – the one that keeps us in bed a little longer in the morning, the one that has us grabbing cookies from the cupboard… when we are not hungry.  That feeling of grief… we are all grieving the life that we were all so accustomed to.  Getting out and enjoying our beautiful Province, Country… World.    There are so many things that I think about through the day.  From the new mom’s who are close to delivering and scared of what that might look like going into a hospital.  To the new moms hoping to come into the studio and capture this precious time in their lives, the toddlers who don’t understand why they can’t go play in the sand box at the park, the school aged children who all miss their friends, teachers, classmates… to the teens who were all planning their graduation celebrations for grade 12, university etc.  There are so many pivotal moments in our lives that will all look very different now.

But life doesn’t just stop.  Our families are growing, changing and we will all learn to find ways to adapt to this current reality.  For me I’m trying to think of ways that I can help new parents still capture those precious first photos of their families.  For those interested, I’m going to create a Facebook group to teach a few tips/tricks to enable you to capture some home images.  I’m happy to even offer an editing service for the photos you do capture… as I’m not sure how long this will be going on – we (photographers) may need to find ways to help our families create amazing memories through their images.

For now, I leave you with the ‘outdoor’s inspired session.  How fitting for a time when we are asked to stay indoors.


ELLINKA | 17 Weeks (born at 26 weeks!)

I’m so happy to be back capturing tiny lives and the huge impact they have in the world around them!  I had taken a few weeks off in January for a family holiday and then returned to a cold that had me off for another few weeks.  Just the nature of working with babies, we take no chances in passing on anything to them!

Thankfully, little Ellinka (Elli) was happy to wait for me to get better.  She spent the first 100 days of her little life in the NICU as she decided to arrive into the world a little early at only 26 weeks.  She and her family came into the studio last week to capture her official release out of the hospital and finally home with her family.  This little lady was a dream to photograph and work with.   Such a calm disposition, but this is also true of her loving big brother.    I’m so grateful to be able to share these moments with families, capture their love, capture the new bonds that are forming so quickly.  I’m exited to see what 2020 will bring and how many new lives I will get to meet.

Thank you to all those who trust in me to capture your families!


CHARLIE | 9 DAYS | Surrey Newborn Photographer

I am certain that this gallery is going to bring a smile to your face.  These two beautiful little girls just warmed my heart.

It wasn’t that long ago that big sister Blayklee was here in the studio for her newborn photos!  Now look at her all grown up.  We used a lot of whites/neutrals in this session and honestly really makes me want to only use whites!!  Funny enough when I just looked back on Blayklee’s session we somehow used the exact same wrap again for baby Charlie!  Out of all the props in the studio… somehow we used the same one.  That said, I am just in love with all the emotion in these images.  So much love for little Charlie already, these two girls are going to have an amazing life together.

For Charlie and Blayklee we did a mix of standard newborn photos as well as a few Christmasy ones!!  So for all you new mom’s out there who would love to do a Christmas photo with your new baby… keep an eye out as I’m going to host an event just for babies!

Japji | 7 weeks | Surrey Newborn Photographer

This family contacted me over the long weekend and asked if there was any way that they could come for photos, that same day.  This doesn’t often work out, but… we made it work this time and I’m sure glad we did.

Sweet little Japji came to the studio in the afternoon for a newborn ‘swaddle me’ session.  It’s a little smaller than a full newborn session and they choose to not include family and just focus on baby.  These are great sessions that provide families with a few portraits  of these precious stages of life.  You don’t always have to book in for a full session!

These sessions really are baby led.    This just means that if your little bundle is awake and content, then we just go with what they want to do.  We don’t spend the same amount of time attempting to get them into sleeping poses.  I personally love that we captured these beautiful big eyes of hers, she really did feel like one of those old souls!  In the end, she was tired and we got a few beautiful images of her drifting off… but at 7 weeks, she was less interested in me moving her around once she was napping!

So if you’re feeling like you’ve missed the ‘newborn’ stage or that you really don’t need the full newborn session – consider these little swaddle sessions!  Babies love them, and so do I.