SHELLEY + GEOFF | 10.22.22 Surrey Wedding Photographer

True Love…. this is what their story tells you about them.  If cared for, it will grow, flourish, mature and of course spread to those around them.

It is not as often that you’ll find me capturing a wedding these days, but I was so honoured to be witness to theirs.  Shelley and Geoff have created a beautiful life for themselves and their three children, but it doesn’t stop there as their extended family and friends are clearly just as important.  I can’t tell you the amount of times this crew had me fogging up my view finder with tears of love streaming my cheeks behind the camera.  The day was filled with such joy and laughter from start to finish.. and let me say this wedding had some of the best speeches I’ve ever heard – all coming from their kids with love and epic one liners!

Wishing you both (and your entire family) all the happiness this world has to offer as you truly deserve it.



It’s that time of year again!  If you’d like to book your kiddos in the studio for some awesome annual photos – this is it!

Backdrop options include white, grey, navy or natural wood as in years past and can accommodate sibling groups for any of the options.   The barn option is limited to about 4-5 siblings.

To book your time click here:  CHILD PORTRAIT EVENT CALENDAR

A minimum purchase of $35/child or sibling set is required on the day of the session.   As an example, if you have 3 children on the day of the session your minimum deposit would be $105, if you’d like to also include a sibling pose it would be $140.

Hope to see you soon!


BABY S | 8 Weeks | Surrey Newborn Photographer

This sweat adorable baby girl came to the studio recently to capture her first official images.  At 8 weeks old, she proves why there is no wrong time to capture your baby’s images.    Some babies of course will grow faster than others, some babies will not curl up as they grow and some love it… but trust that at any age we are able to get beautiful portraits of your tiny humans!

SUMEIR | 4 weeks | Surrey Newborn Photographer

This year has been so different in so many ways… some good and some not as great.  I’ve come to just find a way to embrace the changes.   One of those changes I have found is that families are a little unsure on what to plan for with regards to their newborn photos.  Not knowing what is going to happen in a few months or even a few weeks sometimes leaves us not wanting to commit.   Because of this families are often now contacting a few weeks after baby’s arrival and outside of that standard 5-14 day range for newborn photos.  I’ve never been the kind of photographer that would turn away a baby because they were ‘outside’ of the ideal age so this in’t new to me…. BUT.. there have been so many older babies coming in the studio.   It has actually been really fun playing with some of these little personalities!

I will never guarantee that we will get those sleepy poses as babies grow and don’t enjoy being moved around as much… BUT with some patience we usually manage to get some pretty adorable images.  I love the eye contact with the older babies, I love their ability to hold themselves a little better.  There are some really great things about older newborn session.

This adorable little man came in at 4 weeks old.  We got some great shots of him relaxed but awake as well as some of him all snuggled up sleeping.

Please let this show, that it’s never too late to capture memories of your babies!


GAVIN | 10 DAYS | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Gavin, I am so thankful that you were my send off session.  At 10 days old he came into the studio with his adorable family ready for his very first photo shoot.  He was a dream to work with, happy and content through the entire session, willing to let us try anything we asked of him.  What I  didn’t know was that it was going to be my last in the studio – for an undefined time.  It took me a lot longer than usual to edit this session, my mind just couldn’t focus 🙁

This is such a ‘strange’ time for everyone.  That heavy feeling many of us are feeling – the one that keeps us in bed a little longer in the morning, the one that has us grabbing cookies from the cupboard… when we are not hungry.  That feeling of grief… we are all grieving the life that we were all so accustomed to.  Getting out and enjoying our beautiful Province, Country… World.    There are so many things that I think about through the day.  From the new mom’s who are close to delivering and scared of what that might look like going into a hospital.  To the new moms hoping to come into the studio and capture this precious time in their lives, the toddlers who don’t understand why they can’t go play in the sand box at the park, the school aged children who all miss their friends, teachers, classmates… to the teens who were all planning their graduation celebrations for grade 12, university etc.  There are so many pivotal moments in our lives that will all look very different now.

But life doesn’t just stop.  Our families are growing, changing and we will all learn to find ways to adapt to this current reality.  For me I’m trying to think of ways that I can help new parents still capture those precious first photos of their families.  For those interested, I’m going to create a Facebook group to teach a few tips/tricks to enable you to capture some home images.  I’m happy to even offer an editing service for the photos you do capture… as I’m not sure how long this will be going on – we (photographers) may need to find ways to help our families create amazing memories through their images.

For now, I leave you with the ‘outdoor’s inspired session.  How fitting for a time when we are asked to stay indoors.