Welcome to the world Ama | Surrey Videographer

When you feel your heart is already full with the love of two precious children – you can’t imagine it making more room for another. Before long, your family is going to grow and soon you are waiting the arrival of baby #3!!! You remember what it was like to introduce your first born to their new baby brother or sister… but they were very little. Do they remember? Did they know what was really going on? Yet this time, it will feel a little different. Your first and second born are growing fast, they may still be little but have definately a greater awareness of the world around them, and how important this new life is going to be to them.

It’s time – the day has come! This new beautiful life has exploded your heart yet again and you’ve completely fallen in love just the same as you had with your first and second. There is always more room in your heart – it simply grows to accommodate!

I am so very honoured to be welcomed into some of the most intimate moments of a family’s life. To be there for those first few hours, the first introductions and snuggles. I soak in all of the little details, all of the sounds. It is music to my soul.

So with that, I introduce baby Ama’s welcome to this world. She arrives to instant love from her family.

A week or so later, she came into the studio for a few photos. Feel free to check those out HERE

MATTEO | 12 DAYS | Burnaby Newborn Photographer

Handsome little Matteo came to the studio last week and spent the morning relaxin in the studio.  The room is warm and welcoming with the soft sounds of calming waters, wind, thunder… all to mimic the sounds he would have likely heard back inside mommy. He settled right into his first few images.  He soon told us that tummy time was not going to be his thing – but of course, we kept at it and tried again.  We got a few!  Not all babies love every position, or prop that we try to use so it’s really important to remember that these tiny little humans have a say in what we do during a session.

Mom said she loved the natural earth tones for her photos and I think we nailed it.

HENDRIX | 8 DAYS | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Baby Hendrix… you were just a dream to snuggle with and capture!  If there was ever a question on how I’d hope a newborn session would go… he was the prime example!  Such a calm and peaceful little guy.  He never got upset, he let us try anything we wanted and was very happy to snuggle into a little outfit at the end.  It’s the type of session that you want to just keep shooting!!  His big sister almost stole the show though… she sure is a joy to be around.  So much going on in her little mind, but as you’ll see it just comes beaming out!!

Having said this, I am SOOOO happy that they made it to have this awesome session.  This is one of those examples of how life takes us on little gravel roads sometimes.  It’s all smooth sailing until something unexpected comes along.  Hendrix almost didn’t come to his session because what we had planned for wasn’t going to be able to work for the family any longer.  Not because they didn’t want the photos, but just that it was no longer in the immediate budget to do so.   If this happens to you – please please reach out.  I am always happy to work something out.  You can’t go back and make them little again, but you can save and create a payment plan to make it all work. (or ask the grandparents who will fall in love with the photos 😉

I hope you enjoy the photos that almost never were… as I sure do and I’m certain his family will too!


CHEERS! 30th CAKE SMASH | Surrey Portrait Photographer

Cheers ladies!!!  Oh my did we have fun last weekend.  These 3 lovely ladies wanted to do something fun to celebrate their friendship and their milestone birthdays that all all this year.  This was a first for me, but it was hilarious. We hardly got to actually ‘smash’ a cake because we were having too much fun playing around.

So yes, a 30th birthday cake smash was slightly different than my 1 year old clients… but it wasn’t any less entertaining.

Here’s to everlasting friendships, fun and laughter.  May you always have each other to share in these memories xo

Aarza | 9 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Precious baby Aaraz.  I just love your name!  She is the first grandchild born into the family and I have no doubt will be showered with love and attention from everyone!  This little girl has an amazing set of lashes and head of hair. She is going to be the envy of many as she grows up!!

The past few sessions in the studio have been all about baby.  It has been fun to spend my time getting to know each little personality, what makes them happy… what doesn’t.   Sometimes a plan that we create for the session doesn’t follow through the same way we had hoped, but the outcome is always the way it should be.  Babies dictate the sessions.  If there is something they really do not want to do, we don’t do it and adjust.  In this session, Aaraz made it clear she wasn’t a fan of the moon prop… but Mom was.  So I was able to make it work with another image she was captured in and happy.  Best of both worlds 🙂