Hello Happy Noah! | Teddybear Cake Smash Session

If you were looking for happiness…. you’ve come to the right place.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a more chatty or happy little 1 year old in all my life.   When clients contact to book a cake smash, I can’t help but run through the many sessions where the baby is upset.  Uncomfortable with the idea of something squishy in their hands and unfamiliar foods (despite how yummy it is!!).  But this little guy totally turned those tables.   He came in with the biggest smile and talked to me the entire session.  I actually wish I caught a few video clips of our convo, it was adorable.  From start to finish he laughed, smiled and played his way through each set up.  I simply loved mom’s idea to have a teddy bear picnic as our theme, finally all my kid’s teddy’s put to good use!

So please join me in wishing baby Noah a very happy 1st birthday!!!


Holding on to Summer | Fall Mini Sessions

Am I the only one holding on to what was an amazing summer?  The sunshine, warmth and fun we had all summer... seemingly gone so quickly with all the rain we've had...

BUT!!!!  The next few weeks look amazing.   What a perfect way to welcome the change in season, colours and cozy sweater weather.  I can handle this!  So if you're like me and love that summer feeling, perhaps you'd love to book a session out at a little Delta farm I've found.  I would be offering fall mini sessions that can include their pumpkin patch!  So sunny sunflower for that summer feeling, and change over to the pumpkin patch for fall, win win!  I recently visited the farm with my own family and good friends for a little photo fun.  I personally love all the candid laughter and silliness.  This is life with kids, these are images of who my kids are.  We don't always need to be smiling into the camera to get an amazing image!

If sunflowers are not your thing, that's totally ok - we can find some fall colours and leaves throughout parks in the lower mainland. So don't wait to contact to book in and talk about locations!

I think I love the black and whites just as much as the beautiful colours!




WENDY + MYLES | 08.25.18 | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

On the first rain seen this August, I was honoured to capture the ceremony of Wendy and Myles.  It has been an incredibly hot summer, filled with beauty but also destructive fires and smoke.  The morning of the wedding we finally saw a little rain!!  Although  many couples would be upset by the wet weather after so much sunshine… it was the opposite for this family.  The damp morning would clear the skies of smoke and help dampen the forrest first, making way for regrowth, new beginnings… perfect way to begin a life together!

Of course it wouldn’t be a wedding without a few hiccups.  The ceremony location was to provide some seating, but in a short period of time you can see family all arriving with chairs.   I love seeing things come together like this!  It’s what a wedding day should be about.  Family, friends and coming together to witness a marriage, but also to show we are all here together to help support each other!

When I met Myles and Wendy, they both said that the most important thing for them is their family.   They did not want a lot of photos or time spent on them, but to capture the people they love with them.  This is what we did!!  Capturing a wedding isn’t always about spending hours following them around.   This was perfectly captured in only 3 hours.  The ceremony, family and a few of the reception to send them into the evening of fun!

Please raise your glass with me to celebrate the life these two have just embarked on!  Congratulations!


Bringing home twins | Surrey Newborn Studio Photographer

A few days ago I was really looking forward to meeting these two new precious little humans… but of course life with a new baby doesn’t always go as planned, I can only imagine it with two of them!

So here we are, a few days later and a little more refreshed.  These two little humans are just 7 days new and have yet to officially be named.  That didn’t stop us from creating some precious keep sakes to look back on.  Their ‘big brother’ (he’s only just turned 2!) is clearly in love with his babies.  As he waited and played patiently in the studio, we would get it all ready for him and of course one of the babies would have other plans… so as you do with young children, you roll with it.

I also loved that I was advised that the young man would likely be a handful and we should capture him first… well of course in true fashion (meaning making parents into liars) that little boy slept peacefully – yet his little sister was often awake and stirring.  There was one set up that had great plans for them wrapped… but she pushed out of hers and decided that latching onto his head was a much better idea.

I’m so happy to share these with all of you and hope they bring a smile to your evening!

Bubbly Baby Clara | 4 Months | Surrey Baby Photographer

It was really no surprise to me how well this session went… it wasn’t that long ago that I met Clara’s big sister Roslind.  She was the happiest little baby ever!   This family has so much joy and happiness to share… I just loved every minute with them.   Two very lucky little girls to have each other and such awesome parents!

Check out the fun we had in the studio.  Reading a book as we did with big sister’s session and of course some giggles and snuggles to top it off!