DOMINIC | 8 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

He’s here 🙂  Do you remember my cousin’s maternity session in the snow?  It of course didn’t take long for little Dom to make his grand entrance into the world and be welcomed into a very loving family.

It was so great to snuggle with this little guy in the studio and of course watch the pride in his new parent’s eyes.  He was a gem to photograph, sleeping through our session and happy to move from one prop to another.

I can assure you it will not be the last time he is captured on the blog!!  I’ll be watching this little man as he grows and capturing it as hit happens.

Welcome to the family Dominic!! xo (love from your second cousin Jen!)

Emily | 7 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Oh little Emily… I’m most certain this first photo of you is that of a cheeky little grin knowing that you were not about to sleep much during our session!!  But that’s ok with me, we got some really great images of those beautiful blue eyes you have!!

I had such a fun session with this family.  I love that Gramma came too 🙂  Capturing the love that family has for one another, is such an honour.  I hope you can see it shining through these images as much as I felt it in the room.

Enjoy these refreshing images on this cold and almost wintery spring night!!

Ellington | 7 days | Burnaby Newborn Photographer

What a precious young lady.  She was so relaxed and calm throughout the entire session, we must have caught her on the perfect day!

It is always so fun to watch new parents swoon over the precious new life they have created… I really need to start capturing a few of those images as well!  One of the best parts of the session for new parents is that they get to arrive, sit back and relax for a few hours as I snuggle with their little peanut.  It gives a few hours of reflection and perspective that you may not have while doing your daily tasks at home.

There’s nothing like the overwhelming love you’ll have for each new baby born to your family… I’m honoured to always be witness to it so fresh in their hearts.


COOPER | 6 Month Sitter Session

It’s truly amazing how much a baby will change in their first 6 months of life. I met little Cooper in his first week of life and captured newborn photos and a video representing life as a family of 4.  Now he’s back in the studio at 6 months and wow has he changed!!  Sitting up on his own and full of expressions.  At first he wasn’t too keen on the idea of a photo shoot, but it didn’t take long for him to be comfortable with me and show his silly little self.

My favourite at this age is how they could be entertained by their fingers and toes all day.  Don’t you agree!!?

Baby Jacob | 6 days | Richmond Newborn Photographers

Working in this artistic industry has always been such a gift to my soul.  The creative minds that often come together and help each other out always makes you feel a part of a community.  A while back I needed some help to learn more about videography and was able to spend the day with Desy of RF Weddings.  So it seemed only fitting that as they were waiting to meet their first born, that I offer to help with their newborn photos.

We had a really great time in the studio, two cameras going as of course little Jacob’s Daddy wanted to get a few of his boy as well.   Jacob at only 6 days was the perfect little model for us and was happy to sleep through the entire session.

I’ve included a few photos that Desy captured of me working as well as I don’t often see that perspective 🙂  It also gives you a little glimpse at the studio and set up for the day.

Welcome to the world Jacob!!  I trust this will not be your last photo shoot 🙂