Jaxon | 10 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Oh little Jaxon, I am certain you made this Christmas holiday that much more special!  When ever a baby is born near a holiday, I try to find a way to incorporate that into some of the images.  Not all of them of course, but just a few to share the season they arrived!!

It was fun to capture a few Christmasy images with this little guy and a few with Mom and Dad!  There is something so special about a baby snuggled up in the hands of their daddy!


Wyatt | Sibling Love | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

If ever you want to experience what love at first sight looks like… it’s watching your child fall in love with their little brother or sister.  Although some may be a little nervous at first, within those first few days, it is clear that there is an unbreakable bond.

These two cuties I’m sure will grow to be best of friends.  So adorable as big sis tries to snuggle in for kisses and hugs.

Brynn | 20 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Brynn came to visit me at a few weeks old and was a little love to capture.

Of course capturing babies on their own is precious, I simply love capturing some of the first images of everyone together as a family.  There is a love that just pours from new parents and I’m always honoured to witness it.

I can’t wait for the next time I can capture this little crew together!

Jaxon | 8 Months & Sitting Up | Surrey Baby Photographer

This age is so precious.  They are starting to find their personalities and experimenting with expressions and reactions.  They can’t run away from you yet (or at least most of them) and are happy to sit for some photos.

Jaxon arrived into this world several weeks early and just over 4lbs, but you wouldn’t know it by how fast he has grown!

It is so much fun to spend some time to get to know each of these little ones.  Learn what makes them warm and fuzzy inside and capture it!

Matej |9 days | Burnaby Newborn Photographer

I really love when I see an email come in from a past client.  It often comes with news that they are expecting a new addition to the family!  It’s so exciting for me to see them grow, meet the newest member and capture it all for them!

This is baby Matej.  He was not totally interested in having family photos captured, but I guess we could say that is life with newborns and toddlers!  They do what they want, when they want and we just go with it 🙂   That said, after a little patience, cuddles and love from mommy, we were able to capture some great images of this awesome family.

I hope to see them all back again as the kids grow!