‘birth’day photos

This one is exciting for me to launch!!!

For those of you who do not know me, I am expecting my second baby in October of 2010.  I’m of course over the moon excited about baby #2!   Any mom’s out there, or mom’s to be will know that with pregnancy comes crazy dreams! 

So I’m not totally sure how this came out of a dream, but I remember being in the hosptial and delivering my little angel.  I then remember the next day hearing the nurses station calling out that the photographer was there to take photos.  I think this is when I started to wake up.  I dreamt that I simply couldn’t imaging having one of those standard wrapped up baby pictures as my little one’s first ‘professional’ photo.   I was then up from 4am until around 7:00am so excited about this new project!

What I came up with is a new spin on your baby’s first photos;  I think many of you will be excited about. 

How it works:

  1. You write me inadvance of your delivery and let me know your expected due date and if you know that you’re having a boy or girl (if you’ve found out).
  2. If you are delivering in either Langley, Surrey Memorial or Peace Arch hospitals (limited to those areas for now) then you would have someone text me that baby has arrived.   This is what should be included in the text:  Your name, boy or girl, hosptial and room # and a good time for me to come
  3. Once I receive this information let’s cross our fingers that I’m not off shooting a wedding that day!  I will text back with a timeframe of when I would arrive.
  4. I will bring with me a small portable set up to use to take a few quick images of your new precious little bundle. 

There is no cost associated with me coming out to the hospital… I think this is the best part!  PLEASE do not think you ‘can’t afford this’ right now… you dont pay up front.  I know what it’s like to have a newborn baby, it’s expensive!  But I also know how quickly these little peanuts grow, and you can never get them back at that size again.

What next? 

I will then send you a few low resolution images of your baby that I captured within their first 12 hours of life.  You can then place an order right away to have your image printed. 

Cost of printing is a min. order of $50.  There are many different ways you can print which include:



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