Audrina at 7 Weeks

Recently I posted a few photos of baby Audrina as a newborn, well she is now 7 weeks old and has already come back for more!  As a parent it is hard when you have done specific photos at different ages for the other kids, you want the same for all of them.   The older two girls had their photos done by Canadian Baby, so this time I was going to try to re-create the same images that her older sisters have. 

I have to say some of the poses done by Canadian baby were NOT safe/smart!!  Having a 6-7 week old baby sitting up… having mommy or daddy holding them and then just let go/ pull away!  Crazy town!  BUT we managed to get a few done safely that I think look close to what they would have done. 

Our next session will be back to my more typical style, but I think this worked!  See you at 3 months 🙂

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