Niall | 8 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

In all my years of capturing newborns, I have never met a more smiley little baby.  If anyone doubts that newborns can genuinely smile – you must see these images.    This is not gas, these are not sleep dream smiles, these are totally 100% real reactions to talking to his mom and dad.  This adorable little guy just couldn’t stop ‘talking’ to them – so I couldn’t stop capturing it.  Way too cute!!

I’m so glad that we got both some sleepy images of him, but as well some of the adorable happy smiles!!

Just as we were finishing up his session – we were joined by his cousin!!  Both moms are sisters and had their babies only 3 weeks apart!  One at 8 days old and the other at 4 weeks, we wanted to try and capture a few images of them together, knowing that they are going to grow up so close together and I’m sure have incredible memories of sharing their childhood. The beautiful hand made outfits were made by their grandma before they arrived.  I can’t wait to hear of her reaction when seeing the photo of them together in it!!!

Please help me welcome these two beautiful babies to the world!!

Check out the amazing lashes on Niall’s cousin!!!  Beautiful baby girl!
He’s still smiling;)

Sahib | 7 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Welcome to 2015!!!

What a way to start the year with a week full of babies!!  I can’t wait to meet all the new faces this year!

This handsome little guy was very a perfect little welcome back to the year, he was happy and comfortable the entire session, lettings us play around with all the things we wanted to do!

I always love when families bring in things that are important to them for the session, I think our little medic in the making is very cute!!

I hope you enjoy this adorable little guy as much as I did… how can you not, check out that dimple!!!


A Quiet Winter’s Ride | Equestrian Videographer/photographer

On a cool and misty winter’s day, I followed this couple to capture their shared love and passion for their horses and for each other.

It wasn’t a bright, warm and sunny day – but it was perfect.

I am so very excited to spend more time capturing images and video’s like these as I know they mean the world to the owners of these majestic animals.

Theses sessions can be captured in your back yard, at the barn or at any location that you’d like to ship out to. The next spot I’d love to go to is the beach!!! So if you are interested in booking something like this for yourself or a group of friends together – contact me today to receive 50% the regular session fee if you’re willing to ship to the beach! The session must be held before May 2015 (when horse access to the beach is over).

These sessions have options for just photos, just video or a combination of both!!

I hope you enjoy this quiet ride at the park.


from JLS Photography on Vimeo


Marnie Best - :) Spirit is stepping out great on the trail!
Cool!January 12, 2015 – 3:53 am

Kerri Lee Wein - Love it! Very cool!!January 12, 2015 – 12:27 am

Bare Bellies | Surrey Maternity Photographer

Welcome 2015!!! The year is starting off with a baby boom that I can’t wait to start capturing!!

Just over two years ago I met up with this couple to capture their first born’s maternity photos. They live very close to the beach so it was like walking out in their back yard for the photos, so it made perfect sense for us to go back and do it with baby #2!!

I love that the two seasons are opposite though and the foggy winter day gave for some moody pictures! Mom had a few ideas that she wanted to try and I have to say I just LOVED how the last few turned out – I bet you will too;)

I can’t wait to meet baby in a few short weeks!

For the love of the horse | Equestrian Videographer/Photographer

Every now and then I get an itch to do something new/different. I have always had a love of horses and often think back to the days spent at the barn. I loved every minute of it… I loved everything about it. Yet the only time I had good photos taken of those years were at a show. To me that didn’t demonstrate the bond I had with my horse.

It is my love of horses that actually inspired me to start into photography! I remember being at the shows and standing at the gate. I’d feel the lens of the on site photographer looking my way and I could picture what he might have been looking at – filling his frame with. Or at least I was hoping that he was seeing what I was feeling… the gentle hold I had on my horses muzzle as we stood and waited for our round. The hug around his neck or the kiss on his nose. These are all the things I wanted to have captured, more then me in the ring.

It actually surprises me that it’s taken me this long to get back to doing something with horses, but I really hope that this developed into much more. I would love to be able to capture the love and bond that a rider has with their horse and all the little things they do together. Or even capture a group of friends at the barn with their horses in the field. So many amazing memories with all the kids that I rode with, and nothing tangible for me to look back on. I would LOVE to go back and have a video of us all goofing around at the barn!!!

So please share this with all those horsey people you know… those who have a passion for the animal and the dedication it takes to ride.

I hope you all enjoy this new adventure of mine!!


from JLS Photography on Vimeo


Sarah Graham- Dinwoodie - THANK YOU JEN!! So good. I love this horse so much and I think you captured it. Ive had Lenny since he was around 6 months old. He is only 3 here and we have such a bond. He is a huge part of my life and family. Love him so much and thank you for this!January 5, 2015 – 7:48 pm