Cousins at play | Surrey Family Photographer

This pas weekend I met up with a little girl named Laura and her entourage:) The last time I saw Laura she was a curled up little newborn!  Now she’s a bouncing happy little 2 year old.

We met up to get a few photos of each of the kids as well as all of them together and a few of Laura and her family.  I think we did awesome!

The kids and everyone were having so much fun, which makes for awesome pictures.  I really hope everyone can see the laughter and joy in these images and know that standing still posed for photos isn’t always the best thing.  get up, move around, play and laugh.

Fall is clearly setting in so if you wanted to capture your family with the leaves – I know I can find some!!

Esmae 8 Days | Burnaby Newborn Photographer


Sometimes it really is nice just to focus on just the baby:) Little Esmae came in last week for her photos and was such a perfect little sleeper.  Her brother was a little more energetic so he and mom went in the house to play with my kids… I was left in the studio to just do what I love to do – snuggle newborns!

It was actually really pleasant and for those interested in just photos of your newborn, then wait until they are older for family photos you should really consider my Newborn Necessity Package it’s there just for your precious newborn!

I’m looking forward to seeing her a little more grown up and to capture the family together!

Newborn faces up close

Celebrating 60 years together | Surrey Family Photographer

How adorable are these two!!! They are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year.  One of the gifts from the family was to get all the grandkids and great grandkids together for a photo.  I loved it!  After being together for so many years, I can imagine the greatest gift is to enjoy the ones you love most and cherish all that you’ve accomplished together.

We got together for an early evening photo session, ending in the family having a picnic in the park.

I would love to see more families doing this!


Beachside Newborn Photos | Bowen Island Photographer

I was on the road by 7:30am, caught the ferry over to Bowen Island at 9:00 and started photographing beautiful little Neva by 9:30 in the warm morning sun.

It was the perfect day for our attempt at a 100% outdoor newborn session!  We had actually cancelled the session a few weeks prior due to weather, but knew that at 9 weeks old, we didn’t have many options left to try this!

What a success it was!  There were many firsts for me this morning, first time doing a full newborn session outside, first time packing up the studio and traveling by water with it… then hiking down a trail with all our props and baby of course to this very special spot.  It was all worth it.

Oh did I mention the insane amount of mosquitoes that were happily dining on Neva’s mommy and I as we worked to keep Neva asleep.  And with that did you know that mosquitoes do not bite babies?!?!  We watched them devour our legs and feet right beside her, but they never once landed on her.

I was really excited how all the images turned out and I hope to have the opportunity to travel back to Bowen to capture more amazing families.  Every turn there was the ‘perfect’ location… Maybe I should plan a Bowen shoot day!! Who’s in?!


Nicholas at 6 Months | Burnaby Baby Photographer

It is so great to watch these little babies that enter the world start to grow and fill with personality.

I met Nicholas at only a few days old and captured him with his parents in their home.    It was snowing that day!  Now we are 6 months later and outside on a beautiful September afternoon.  Look how he’s grown!

I loved all the smiles and giggles we were getting from him, I’m so glad he had fun at his photo session.

Next time I see this little guy there might just be snow on the ground again!  It will be his final session of his Watch Me Grow package.