Rosalee| Outdoor Newborn Photos

Every once and a while I get the opportunity to capture a newborn outside.  I LOVE it!  I think about it year round actually, so when it was suggested to come to this family’s home and do the photos outside… it was a no brainer for me!

I brought some of my favourite props to use out in the fields.  It was the perfect setting for little Rosie!  Her two big sister simply adore her and I loved how patient they were with what we were asking of them.  It’s not an easy thing to do with young siblings!

I’m so happy for this family to fill their hearts with another baby girl.  I’ve been capturing these moments for them for many years and it’s always so amazing to keep coming back as they all grow.

Congratulations on another perfect little human:)

Conor | 10 days | Vancouver Newborn Photographer

One of the most cherished parts of newborn photography for me is watching new parents swoon over their perfect newborn baby.  It is such a special time in their lives and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

When you’re a new parent you’re often just ‘getting through the day’.  You’re feeding, changing diapers, trying to prepare food for yourself, trying to get things done… it’s not often that you simply sit and watch your newborn for a few hours.  Whats even better is watching them all curled up nude.  You get to watch each breathe they take.  Every wiggle of their body.  The wrinkles in their back… so many tiny little details that you may not be watching for at home.

These are why I love the little detail photos.  The ones that capture their teeny tiny little features!

Sofia | 15 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Little Sofia came into the studio with her Mommy and Grandma for her photos a few weeks ago.   She had a calm about her, just a peaceful young lady I sense she will become.

When she was alert, she would look right into your eyes, even at only two weeks old.  Very content, just as we hope all babies are!

There was one basket she wasn’t too fond of, but you’ll see in the last image – we succeeded!

Roselyn | 17 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Anyone who says newborn babies do not have ‘natural’ expressions… that they only come from gas are all wrong!  That idea has always bothered me as yes sometimes they smile from releasing pressures… but other times they are smiling from a happy thought!  They are little humans from the day they are born.  They may not have complex thoughts about the world as adults do… but they instantly have emotion which is expressed in their little faces.

Little Roseyln was no exception to this and was FULL of some of the most entertaining expressions.  She was posing herself and really just did what she wanted the entire session.  It was so much fun to capture.

I hope she makes you smile as she did for me!

Aubrey | 9 days | Langley Newborn Photographer

What a great session we had with this beautiful little soul!  Aubrey was alert for a part of our session and just so content to be a part of it all.

I love babies of all shapes and sizes, but there’s something about a squishy, chubby little baby that just gets me!  I love curling them up and seeing all the rolls!

It has been my pleasure to photograph this family before, on their wedding day and so grateful to now have meet their first born.  She will be showered in love from these two!

I’m looking forward to watching her grow.