Reghan | 10 days | Richmond Newborn Photographer

Most of the newborns that I photograph come to visit me in my studio, but sometimes I go to see them!  Sometimes it’s just nice for new parents (recovering moms) to not have to worry about getting in the car.  It also gives the opportunity for me to use props and things that are already in your home.

I loved that we had a few things from my studio as well as using a beautiful chair that little Reghan will grow with in her room.  She has a very loving pet already who couldn’t wait to get in the room and be a part of everything!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

Gia | 7 weeks | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Oh sweet, precious little Gia.  She was so wonderful to have in the studio.  Such a calm and happy little girl!!

I love when parents tell me that of all the photographers they spoke with, they felt most confident that I was going to deliver the images they hoped for.  I know we did!!

It really does bother me that photographers will tell families that their baby who is a few weeks old, is now too old.  That it’s not possible to get the ‘newborn’ images.  It’s totally possible – you just can’t walk into the session with expectations.  Babies are all different and they will decide what and when we do things… but with patience you can almost always get at least a few sleepy pictures.

At the end of our session Gia decided to totally surrender to the sounds of the studio and cozy props.  She was out for the count… so we kept playing!

Enjoy this little beauty!


Kaide | 8 Weeks | Langley Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Kaide…. full of smiles and expression.

It is ‘recommended’ that newborn photos be done between 5-10 days.  That is for the typical, curled up and posed newborn photos you most often see.  That said… I simply love meeting babies who are several weeks old.  Each day they learn something new.  How to change the shape of their mouth, how to smile, how to giggle… all of these are amazing things to capture.

I had a quick session with this handsome young man.  His big brother was along for the session as well, so of course we had to get a few of them together!


Dance with me | Langley Wedding Photographer

There are so many reasons I love engagement sessions… they are fun, light and the best way to start to feel comfortable in front of the camera and with your photographer!!  You can be silly, serious and fun – what ever you want to do!!  Learn about personalities and who feels comfortable with what.  Seriously so much fun to walk around and just laugh…

We did just that the other night at the beach!  I can’t wait to capture Keith and Julie’s wedding this summer!  I have no doubt it will be surrounded by love and witnessed by life long friendships and family.  I’ve known Keith since high school and when he told me who will be in his wedding party, I wasn’t surprised to hear all the same names that hung out so many years ago in school.

We went down to Blackie Spit at Crescent beach, one of my favourite spots for sure.  Enjoyed the warm breeze and beautiful sunset.

I hope you enjoy these too!

Spring Promotion!!! | Surrey Family Photographer

This doesn’t happen often… so if you’re thinking you may want to have a photo session in the next little while, then don’t wait!!!

There is a really awesome little spot just near my studio where I often go with families who wanted just a few studio as well as outdoor photos.

It provides a beautiful lush, green backdrop as well as a fence and pond.

The best time of day for these photos are during the evening, so it gives time for you to get home and have dinner then come out with the family for a few fun pictures.

Looking forward to meeting a few new faces and always excited to see the ones I know well!