Katie | 4 weeks | Delta Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Katie!!

This beautiful young lady came to visit me in the studio last week and at first didn’t think she wanted to have her cute, sleepy photos captured…. but in the end she realized it was going to be so much fun!

Where ever I find my patience from, I am thankful that we persevered as I just love these images of her!

I do recommend trying to capture your newborn between 5-10 days old, but for what ever reason you are not able to do that… please don’t think it’s ‘too late’.

Welcome to the world little lady!


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newborn wrapped in basket, 4 week old baby photos
Daddy's tattoos with baby girl, baby on tattoo'd arm
newborn teddy bear ears
Newborn sleeping in pram, newborn props

Foggy morning walk | Surrey Newborn Photographer

I captured this session a while back, but am catching up on the blog!!

We had big plans to capture the birth of this young lady… but even being only minutes away from their home, I missed it along with the midwife and doula!!  Mom was a champion and delivered her at home in the bath, all on her own!

So with the shift in plans, we did a different style newborn session.   I met at their home to capture a few images of everyone snuggled up in bed and then we decided to go for a quick walk out in the fog.  It was beautiful out!!

I don’t think we’ll have any more days like this one until the fall, but I so love capturing families outside when the weather is like it was that day.

Adele + Garrett Turn 1! | New Westminster Baby Photographer

It has been so amazing to watch these two beautiful little people grow through the year!  I captured them when they were teeny tiny little muffins and all through the seasons of the year.

We met up at the perfect outdoor location in New West with beautiful cherry blossoms and green all over.  Such a beautiful city we live in!!

I know I’ll be seeing them again soon to capture the entire family together, but for now an update of just the two of them!

If you’d like to see their other sessions here they are:  6 Month session  + Newborn Session 


Donna Fraser - Oh Myra these pics are adorableApril 12, 2015 – 3:00 pm

Hudson | 11 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Precious little Hudson was welcomed to the world in the comforts of his new home – so it was only fitting that we captured his first photos in the comforts of what will be his own bedroom!

We blended a lifestyle session with a few posted photos with some props from the studio.   It was the prefect blend!

His big brother Cohen was so very in love with him.  At first he was a little nervous that I was touching his baby, but he was soon very excited to be holding him on his own and spending a little bonding time together!

I am so looking forward to watching this young man grow into his very loving family.

Thank you for welcoming me to your home!


Look who’s ONE!! | Surrey Child Photographer

It has been so much fun following this family over the years!  Now they’ve reached another milestone!!

Baby Matthew has turned ONE!  Time always seems to sneak up on us and remind how quickly it goes by… it doesn’t feel that long ago that we captured this video of his big brothers getting to meet him for the first time!!  Meeting Baby Matthew

He was such a little ham, as per usual of course!  Cuddling up to mom and giving his super cute little smiles.

I look forward to watching him grow!