I love laughter!! | Burnaby Family Photographer

Last week I met up with a family at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby.  They contacted me to capture their immediate family of 4, but also their extended family to include a sister and parents.

Life always takes us down different paths and this family is about to take one a big one as they prepare to move to San Francisco!   It won’t be the first time they have moved around and likely not the last, that said this is the first time moving with children.

I loved that they choose to meet at Deer Lake.  A park very close to their home and a place that has meaning for them as a family here in Vancouver.  We spent the time laughing and playing, capturing the connecting everyone shares…. my favourite thing to do!

I wish them all the very best on their journey and thank all of them for including me on such a meaningful get together!

Family Fun | Jericho Beach Family Photos

Every year I’ve had the pleasure of watching these crazy little people grow, it’s been so much fun!

I met Jackson (youngest) when he was a tiny little newborn… and look him now!  Crazy!

I am so envious that this is their back yard… the family lives just steps away from Jericho beach… so lucky!!!

We walked around and just stopped where we saw something fun… so awesome!

Kylie turns one | Surrey Family Photographer

One of the best ‘side effects’ to having your family portraits done is that you get to spend dedicated time with the ones you love most!

How often do you go and do something with no other purpose then to be with each other!!  I love that about the evening photo sessions and the walks around the park.

Last week I joined this family and walked around the beautiful grounds of Queen Elizabeth park.

Little Kylie was a little shy to be away from mom or Dad, but boy does she light up around her ‘fur’ sibling:)

Contact me today to have me join you for a family walk!

Chloe | 1 Year Portraits | Surrey Child Photographer

When our little ones are just still so little, sometimes the world is a scary place and they become very shy.

This was true for little Chloe who came into the studio for her birthday photos!  She wasn’t so sure of me and really just wanted to be with mom.  That said, I still think it’s fantastic that we were able to capture this age in it’s true form… a little nervous and shy.  That’s who she is right now and I think it’s just perfect to capture that too!

They don’t always have to be beaming smiles, they have to be themselves!

Makes me love them that much more… sensitive little souls!


All of us | Langley Family Photographer

When you ask someone what is most important to them… you’ll most always hear ‘Family’.  I couldn’t agree more of course.

When ever a family contacts me to have a session that includes everyone in their extended family, I get really excited.  I know what these images will mean to them for many years to come!   It’s not that often that you get everyone together outside of a special occasion and it’s even less common to capture images of it!  To have 3 generations together, siblings, cousins and grandparents… it’s awesome!!

I loved that we did so many different groupings and ensured that we captured the entire group, each generational group and the littles all together.  So much fun!

I can’t wait to see this family expand even more in the years to come!