Gavin | 7 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Gavin was a perfect little gentlemen when he visited the studio.

As fun as it can be to ‘pose’ babies, I loved that Gavin was a thumb baby and was so happy to curl up and snuggle into his own pose.  Then as he fell into a deeper sleep he let go of the thumb and gently held his cheek.  **heart melter**

These 3 boys are going to have so much fun growing up together, I can feel it!!

I hope to see them all again!


Party of 5 | Surrey Family Photographer

Last weekend I met up with this awesome crew and captured some really fun family moments.   It was chilly outside for sure… and the youngest was so funny trying to give the biggest smiles through her cold chattering teeth:)

This was the second time I’ve used this location and really love it!  I can’t wait to try it out in the different seasons!

One thing that really stood out to me was the love that all of these siblings have for each other – regardless of the age gap.


Marilyn Buckingham Kirk - Beautiful family … beautiful photos!November 23, 2014 – 2:30 pm

Angie Bunnell - Love them Jen. Thankyou so much!November 23, 2014 – 5:49 am

Frosty morning photos | Langley Family Photographer

Although the winters can feel very dark – when we do see the sun it’s stunning!!  I met up with this family on a chilly morning where the sun had just come up.  It’s the perfect time for photos!

There may have been times they had to hold their breath so I could capture an image without all the mist… but I love how the leaves look with the frozen white tips.

For families who have pets – I think it’s awesome that you bring them along, they are part of the family too!!  We had a great morning and look forward to more of these to come this winter!

It’s all about the glow | Surrey Maternity Photographer

One of my absolute favourite things about being pregnant was that I had never felt more proud of my body.   This is something I hear from so many women as well… when they are first deciding to get maternity pictures or not and then further into the pregnancy finding that they really want to capture this amazing time in their lives.

It really is crazy to look down and know that you are creating life within you – it’s magical!!  So this momma knew that she wanted to create images that reflected how she felt…. simply beautiful.

This little bean is due on December 25th… I can’t wait to meet him/her!

Fun in the leaves | Surrey Family Photographer

Since this little girl was just a week old, I have photographed her growth each year and it has been so fun watching her grow.  This family is so full of love – it radiates from them and I just love it.  Even little Donkey holds a special spot in all of their lives, he goes everywhere:)

I had never been to this location before, but driven past several times over the years… finally one day it occurred to me that it would make for beautiful photos.  I think I was right!!

I love finding new spots to go to and look forward to using it more and more – my own little spot;)

As for this family… looking forward to next year already!! xoxox

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