Beach Maternity | Surrey Maternity Photographer

It has been months since I knew there was a little bean growing and that I’d soon get to capture this amazing time in their lives… I couldn’t wait to meet them!  I know this momma is very excited and had so many ideas for the photo session.  It was fun to spend the evening on a busy day at the beach and capture her vision.

Their adorable fur baby came for the first few photos as well, we couldn’t have asked for her to listen any better!  So perfect.

With 8 weeks to go I can’t wait to find out if this is a little boy or girl!


Natalia | 8 weeks | Langley Baby Photographer

Here we are already – 8 weeks old!  Natalia is in for her second session in the studio and was such a doll to work with again!  She came in sleeping so we got started right away!  If you can keep an 8 week old asleep  you go with it!!!

She let us try 3 set ups before waking up and then sharing many silly little faces with us.  Already starting to look at you with those little story telling eyes!  It truly is amazing how fast they grow!

Here she is at 4 weeks and now below at 8 weeks!!

Oh hello!

She can hold herself up already!

Already at 11.5 pounds!  Way to go little lady!


Carlie Dinwoodie - So, Beautiful! I can't believe how much she has grown in four weeks!July 20, 2014 – 8:09 pm

Carol Kerfoot - She is beautiful Angela. :) Trying to decide who she most like?July 20, 2014 – 2:29 pm

Angela D’Agostino - What a perfect baby….July 20, 2014 – 7:09 am

Seth | 8 days | Langley Newborn Photographer

Oh how I love capturing 3 or more siblings together!!!  Perhaps it’s that I have 3 of my own, but I always love placing the 3 together.

These two beautiful girls and their adorable baby brother were so fun to play with.  It was super hot and muggy in the studio that day and they were not loving it… but with a little convincing/ playing with them, they were up for it.

Baby Seth is one lucky little guy coming into a family with so much love and two big sisters who will always be there for him.

Chantelle + Prentice 2013.07.27 | Vancouver Wedding

Last year I so excited to witness and capture the wedding of Chantelle + Prentice Moss.  They are both so completely awesome people and I was really excited to be a part of their day.

Choosing what photos to share was near impossible – so there are a lot!  I wanted to share the feel of their day; fun personalities and the love they share.  So many spontaneous moments captured, laughter and joy.   So many things I could list as my favourites, but here are a few:  pound it with their fur baby, harlem shake in the kiddy pool, all the ladies family tattoo’s from their grandma, father + son secret handshake at the alter, pride in their parents eyes, Chantelle disputing claims during their vows, standing room only entrance to the reception…. simply one amazing day!!

Any marriage isn’t easy – they take work but I know that these two have what it takes.  Having been high school sweethearts and grown through so many different stages in life I know they value the effort it takes!

BIG love to you both xoxo


The amazing dream team that helped make their day complete!!

Super awesome second shooter:  Jarusha Brown Photography

Videographer:  RF Weddings

Wedding planner:  Chic and Unique Events


Make up Artist: Shelly Ainsworth


Thomas + Lilian | Twin Newborn Photographer

These two perfect little humans were so amazing to capture.  I so love meeting twins!

A few short weeks ago I met N + Y and captured some very special maternity images for them.  They have been waiting several years to welcome these little people into their lives and I’ve been honoured to capture it for them!!

At only 11 days old, they were all ready to come and spend the morning with me.  Their big sister was also super excited to join too!

I was able to capture a variety of images of the two together, but also a few on their own.  We couldn’t help but laugh when little Lilian kept insisting on putting her toes in Thomas’s face!!  Already starting the ‘hey, smell my feet’ game;)

There is also an image with a metal bucket.  It was brought in for me to use.  This was a bread maker – one that was very well used by their grandmother as the family would not eat store bought bread!  The keys that are hanging were from grandpa who worked on the railroads.  I love including a little family history!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did capturing them!


I’m pretty sure that Thomas really enjoyed having a little more space when I took Lilian out!

Angela D’Agostino - What a beautiful Family!!!July 10, 2014 – 6:15 am