HENRIETTA | A Birth Story | Birth Photographer

Earlier this year I was so excited to share in such a beautiful birth story.    It started in the fall when I met everyone.  This was to be my first surrogate family capturing a live birth and we were all very excited about the journey ahead.    As this little angle was to be born in BC, her Dad’s wanted to have some maternity photos captured in the place she was born, so what better than on a fall day to head into Maple Ridge and find some water, forrest and mountains.

It seemed like no time at all before they were back in town and ready for her arrival!   After only a few days of being back in BC, I got the call… we were all sure it sounded like labour and rushed into the hospital.  After all of us spent countless steps going up and down stairs to try and keep labour progressing… it was best we just waited.  It was a few days later that this time was it… she was on her way with great hope that she would be able to be delivered naturally.  Several long hours of labour and a whole lot of oxytocin to get to the next stage, it was decided the best thing would be to go to the OR.

We had already suspected this might happen and had asked the staff if I were to be able to come in and photograph – but were told no, there were already going to be two Dad’s in there… too many people.   I followed everyone down the hall as far as I could go and waited outside the operating room doors.  To my surprise, our nurse came out quickly and said “hurry… go find some scrubs and you can come in!!”  In a flash, I was back and ready!

What an honour to be present during something so life changing, so precious and magical.  The love, the bond is instant and they are now a family of 3.

Welcome little Henrietta!!!

Morning Sunrise Maternity | Surrey Maternity + Newborn Photographer

Not too long ago I received an excited message from a previous client.  I love seeing someone’s name pop up that I haven’t seen in a while… I can usually guess what it means.  ANOTHER BABY 🙂

I was right.  This family was waiting to welcome their second baby and were so excited to capture this journey.  We really wanted to use the same location that we had for their first born’s maternity … but changed it up this time to start in the morning.

The entertainment of this session was trying to keep young Georgia in the frame!  She was more excited to run past me and all around me than to actually be in the pictures, but it sure made for some fun images and lots of laughs.

I can’t wait to meet this little bean and capture another in home session with this family! Stay tuned!!


Daisy | 3 months | Langley Pet Photographer

I have to admit… I think I have the best job ever.  I get to work with precious newborn babies, but also newborn puppies… Anything new is just way too cute.

Recently I have started taking on more little puppy sessions and Daisy, an adorable little french bulldog, didn’t disappoint on the cuteness scale.  As with any newborn, it is best to have them come into the studio as soon as you can.   When they are under 3 months of age, they sleep much more and tend to have less energy to be totally wild.  Also they typically do not shed which is why I’m able to have them in the studio space.

I hope you enjoy these little fur babies who will be popping up on the blog!

Daisy will be spending many days at the barn waiting for her mommy… so we thought it was perfect to capture these scene as they were on their way to ride after our photos.

Blayklee | 8 days | Langley Newborn Photographer

So many amazing moments to share from this session… I hope you’re ready to scroll!

Little Blayklee is going to be one very loved little girl.  Being welcomed by her big brother and two amazing parents – she is off to an amazing start to this world.

As we first started into the session, she was wide awake.  She wasn’t upset…. just interested in all that was going on.  I love that we got some incredible eye contact for a baby so young.  Then with a little encouragement… (aka a lot of patience) she slipped into a deep sleep for a few more poses.

I love all the family connection captured.  Loved having a ‘BIG’ brother who was able to hold her.  Ahhhh I just loved it all.

Hope you do too!!



Gender Reveal/Maternity Session | Maple Ridge Photographer

Last November I met up with 3 amazing people.  Two of which were expecting their first born in a few months and one that was the carrier of that precious child.

This was the first time I have had the opportunity to work with a surrogacy and the love, compassion and selflessness that comes with that journey.  This story started many years ago for these two amazing Dad’s from Texas.  It has brought them to this point, to find out if they are expecting a baby girl or boy to join their family!!!

As the surrogate mom is here in BC, we felt the backdrop needed to show just how beautiful the province is that this little baby will be born to.  We met out in Maple Ridge at Golden Ears Park.  It was cool, but dry which is all we could ask for on a November afternoon.

After an afternoon of many laughs, hugs and love shared… this story will continue next when they return for a delivery I am sure to never forget.